Birthday Crowns

Corona Cumpleaños roja, lila y amarilla

On that special day, in which they are the kings/queens of the party, they deserve to have their own birthday crown!

Its velcro closure allows to regulate the diameter of the crown and fit it perfectly to either a 1 year old or 9 years old child without problems.

The crown can be reused year after year, because the number can be changed without any problem thanks to the velcro.

The price (17€ if it’s our standard crown) includes the crown and a number. You have as well the option to buy the full pack of numbers (1 to 9) for 6€.

You can as well customize the crown by adding some additional accessories such as borders (1€) or “madroños” (1€)

NOTE: We only create crowns if you ask to, so they are only made under request! Here we show you some crowns already sold. If you want us to create a crown for you, just contact us (click here), and we will customize as you want it.

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Showing all 3 results